Removable Retention

HAWLEY Retainers

This type is the most popular form of retention. Because it is removable, the teeth can be brushed and flossed more easily. Usually, it is worn all day and night for the first visit or two after the braces are removed, then it is worn only at night.

Traditional Retainers -This is the most popular form of retention because most patients find these retainers the most comfortable. They are also the most durable and cost-effective. They can come in up to 40 different colors!

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VIVERA Retainers

These retainers are made by Invisalign and boast a durable plastic. With this system, Invisalign will supply four sets of this retainer. This way, you won’t have to worry about dull or cracked retainers since you will always have more than one set on hand.

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Non-Removable Retention


This type of retention is often recommended for patients who had severe crowding, certain types of bite relationships, or who cannot or will not wear a removable appliance. Patients who choose this option must have excellent oral hygiene and must diligently floss under the appliance. We recommend that patients refrain from biting directly into anything hard, such as apples, pens, or bagels because this can compromise the bond. This option is seldom recommended for the upper teeth, but the doctors can evaluate a patient’s candidacy on an individual basis.


This retainer is a thin, light wire permanently bonded to the back surfaces of the teeth.

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