Clemente Orthodontics Reviews

My parents chose Dr. Clemente to help correct my smile back in the early 1980's after 6+ years of sucking my thumb. Working from a small office in his home, Dr. Clemente always made me feel at ease and took the time needed to not only explain the process to my parents, but also to me! For this reason, my wife and i decided to consult Dr. Clemente when my son needed orthodontics. True to form, Dr. Clemente was up front and talked us through several options. He detailed his opinion and was quick to explain how he would proceed with my sons treatment. He also made it a point to include my 9 yr old son in these discussions. Needless to say, we are extremely happy with our decision to use Clemente Orthodontics for our family's needs. This practice is the very best; extremely knowledgeable staff, financing options, upscale office environment, all the way down to their chair side manor and funky psychedelic color choices of his dental appliances - Aces!

-Anthony M.

The main reason for choosing this practice was their gentler approach to palate expanding that expands the palate as the child grows. The hours were accommodating and the staff was competent and friendly. All the doctors had great demeanors and interacted well with both of my kids. Very happy with the results!

-Matt S.

I love that it was a family practice. The staff was wonderful and attentive. My twins both had braces at the same time and I was worried I would not be able to afford brace but they worked out a payment arrangement that did not break my pockets. My sons now have million dollar smiles and I am forever grateful.

-Onikka W.

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Absolutely a positive experience from start to finish. Entire staff was professional, helpful and prompt with my many appointments. Went out of their way to make my entire procedure painless and pleasant. Highly, highly recommend.

-Karen B.

The staff are very friendly. The orthodontists here are the best.
Dr. Nicole Clemente is the best!
-Leo K.

Staff is extremely helpful. Very warm and friendly office. Doctors are all kind and welcoming. They take the time to explain in detail how things will work and what to expect. Highly recommend to family and friends.

-Thomas F.

IMO there is no better place to go than to Clemente orthodontics. My wife and I got Invisalign there and my daughter currently goes there as well. The staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating. There is a reason why they are so popular. The office has just been completely renovated. All 3 of the doctors are wonderful!

-HHK Global

Just about done with my Invisalign and I couldn’t be happier. Couldn’t recommend this place enough.

-Andrew W.

A family practice. They are large enough to accommodate all appointment time needs but small enough that you feel like they know you and your child. The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The services are reasonably priced.

-Melissa A.

As the mom I had an incredible experience. My daughter's teeth look great and the staff was always helpful both on the phone and in person. They were also willing to work out a payment plan that could help me out. My son went to a different orthodontist and our experience was not as good. That is why we came to Dr. Clemente. 

Thanks so much!

-Debbie U.

My daughter went here for her braces. She had a bit of a complex case because although an older adolescent, she still had two baby teeth which needed to be extracted by a surgeon in the middle of the braces process. She got her braces off a few months ago, and now has Envisalign retainers. Her teeth are gorgeous. She has no pain. And during the whole process, she only had pain the first day or so of getting them tightened. Throughout the entire process (which took a couple years because we weren't always good about keeping appointments), the doctors and all the staff members were always encouraging, professional, upbeat, and caring. I believe their "bedside manner" is exceptional -- for people of ALL ages. They know how to treat you right. I was very happy with everyone's level of knowledge and expertise. There were several instances in which timing was important: when to put on the bottom braces, when to extract the baby teeth and bring down the permanent ones with gold chains, and how far to open the spaces where her baby teeth had been so there would be enough room for the adult teeth. From what I can see, they timed everything perfectly. And they seemed to do so easily -- as though they had seen nearly every possible unique case, and worked with all sorts of scenarios so many times, that decision-making came naturally. I believe the cost was also reasonable. I like how you pay monthly for a certain contract period, and even if it takes longer (within reason), you don't get charged extra (for those services covered in the contract). Braces are not cheap, everyone knows. But I would whole-heartedly recommend Clemente Orthodontics -- it is money spent very wisely and well.

-Cheryl M.

Great staff, excellent service! Thanks for giving me back my beautiful smile😃
-Vinnette M.