Growth Modifying Appliance

Phase I


Early orthodontic treatment is the key factor in producing the most pleasing smiles and attractive faces.

Advances in technology now enable us to improve the growth and development of the jaws, providing a crucial advantage for correcting otherwise permanent malformations.

Through the use of Growth Modifying Appliances, we can treat younger patients and achieve more pleasing facial balances.


The Ideal time to begin this phase of treatment is as early as age or 8. This is a very critical phase of treatment and usually lessens the amount of time spent in full braces. This phase is treated with removable appliances for approximately 1-3 years depending on growth.

crooked teeth, age 7, RPE, GMA, dentofacial orthopedics
phase1, Early treatment, young kid, smile
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*Actual Clemente Orthodontics Patients

GMA only Treatment

**Additional Orthodontics may be required