Accelerated Orthodontics

Speed Up Your Orthodontic Treatment!

Ask us about Propel's VPro

What is VPro?

The only high frequency vibration device proven to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. Used at home for just 5 minutes a day, the VPro is designed to make treatment more comfortable while delivering results ahead of schedule.

Treatment Up to 64% Faster.

The lightweight, easy-to-use device has been clinically shown to accelerate orthodontic treatment by up to 64% and to decrease the discomfort associated with treatment.


  • Accelerated Tooth Movement 

  • Reduced Treatment Time by up to 64%

  • Reduced Discomfort

  • Improved Predictability

  • Optimal Aligner Seating

  • Assist in Retainer Wear (Braces)

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